Annual Election Nomination forms

Pharmacy Society, MS, HKUSU now welcomes nomination of its Committee Members for the Session 2011.

Deadline: 15 November, 2010 (Mon)

i. Only Members shall be nominated.
ii. Each nominee shall be nominated for one post only.
iii. Any nominee shall be nominated by one Member and be seconded by another Member excluding the nominee himself / herself.

A nomination form is to be completed and handed-in to the Election Board within the nomination period. Nomination forms can be collected from the Society Board or downloaded from the Society Website.

Election Board:
Chairperson: Kwong Lok Ting, Sarah (P12)
Board Members: Cheng Wai Yi, Emily (P12) & Wan Tik Chun, Wendy (P12)

Download Nomination Form(in Pdf)