About the Committee Caesarea

Session 2019 – Caesarea

Caesarea is an ancient sea port in the northwest of Israel. As a place of place of shelter for people and boats, it symbolises unity, diversity and how we as the new proposed cabinet would strive to protect the rights of Members.

As the tenth cabinet of the Pharmacy Society, MS, HKUSU, Caesarea will inherit the foundations of and continue to build on the success created by the nine previous cabinets, namely Initium, Lenimentum, Promineo, Inspira, Pervivo, Incendo, Concordis, Polaris and Conviare. With the intention of enhancing unity and embracing diversity in mind, we will organise a series of events that will enrich the school lives of our Members. Not only will Members be able to form new and inseparable bonds with one another, they will find themselves seeking to connect with one another through communication and understanding.

External relations with other societies of the Faculty and even other healthcare-related bodies will continue to be accentuated and reinforced. Regarding this, events aimed to tighten bonds between different entities will be held, such that a most comfortable environment can be established for the collaboration of various entities. We, Caesarea, as the sea port that will guard and protect everyone of us from various obstacles, will continue to guide our Members to becoming the best they can be as Pharmacists.

Caesarea, seize every chance to be better!