Pharmacy Festival 2017 was concluded with OVERWHELMING PARTICIPATION!

In the past week, Pharmacy Festival 2017 was held! This year, Polaris made personalised bookmarks for each and every Member. We prepared loads of emoji boards and Instagram frames for Members to take pictures with their friends too! Here we would also like to thank all sponsors for supporting us by offering us generous amount of welfare products or by monetary contributions!

The uniform party was also held on 14 February 2017. It offered Members a chance to enjoy themselves in their school uniform. We also organised the ‘Love at First Jar’ event which delivers chocolates in decorated jars with blessings and warm messages writing on small cards from secret angels!

Polaris hopes that you are satisfied with the welfare that we have provided throughout the week and we thank you for your incredible support!

Pharmacy Festival 2017

The Annual Pharmacy Festival is back! Polaris prepared lots of activities and as usual,

the Welfare Pack Delivery! The schedule of the packed week are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday and Friday (13, 14 and 17 Feb) – Welfare Pack Delivery, Photo
Taking Day and Love at First Jar (for exact time slots of different cohorts, please refer to

the posters below!)

Tuesday (14 Feb) – Uniform Party

Don’t forget to write blessings to your classmates and grab your own welfare pack
before you leave! See you there!